About SOD / Fabrics

SOD uses only high quality materials of Italian, American and Canadian origin.

NyCo: we use NyCo of various gram weight and percentage of composition. Transpiration and resistance are the unequal characteristics of the NyCo that we develop together with our suppliers.

Aramidic fibre: in the fireproof sector, SOD is drawing up the basis for new conception materials, already tested on the assault suits used by DA or anti-terrorism units.

Thermal: we are collaborating with the most famous brand names in the world to create specific articles for setting up special supplies. From base layers to external thermal layers, to arrive at a wide assortment of outfits.

Cordura: we use Cordura of various gram weight and with various types of coating, depending on its destination. For our MOLLE packs, vests and body armour we use Cordura of 1000 and 750, specially treated and coated to guarantee permanent performance and life-span.

Tapes: SOD uses tapes and nets made of high-tenacity nylon, in various patterns, thanks to exclusive machinery.

Colour samples are available in the SHOP section.