The S.O.D. it is owned by the Ceccarelli family that since 1938 produces high quality clothing. In 2006 he began a profound conversion with regard to military clothing and accessories lines. The continuous collaboration with the European and US elite departments has brought to light combat lines that had never been seen before becoming a point of reference in the international theater.

Our strength is our complete willingness to develop customized lines to meet the needs of unconventional departments as much as possible. The materials are always updated through a deep collaboration relationship with the various international producers.

Our "undercover" lines are used by all departments that work in a "civil" look while maintaining the mil-spec specifications at construction level and maintaining those internal integrations not attributable to the outside. On the site there are about 20% of the articles that are the only ones intended for the civil public.

If there is need, do not hesitate to contact us for a demo without any kind of commercial constraint.